Ways to Warm Yourself During Winter

When the temperature drops down all we want to keep ourselves warm and cosy without spending too much. Listed below are some of the ways to warm the house.

Check on the insulation of the house

Maintaining proper insulation is essential so that heat is not lost from the house. Check the windows and doors for any cold air seeping in. One of the main reasons why a house may not heat up is because of this. There are many ways to check for the cold air, run your hands along the window pane and feel for any cold air. Another thing you can do is bring a lighted candle closes to the window. Make sure to pull away curtains or any flammable material, if you observe the candle flickering then that indicates a draught.

Once you have found out the issue, try investing in insulating the house, although it might cost some amount in the long run it is actually beneficial.

Do not cover the radiator

Placing items covering the radiator can block the heat from circulating, whether it be the curtain or couches make sure they are not obstructing the radiator in any way. Another common mistake people do is to dry the clothes on the radiator. Although this dries up the clothes fast because the clothes are absorbing the heat, you are preventing the heat from warming up the room.

Use thick curtains

Air can seep in easily through small spaces which is why it is important to use a thick curtain to cover up the windows. Especially at night cover the windows with the curtains.

Use the natural sunlight

Sunlight can naturally heat the house up. To make use of this, during the day try to let in as much as sunlight as possible. Move the curtains away in the day time and close them at night.

Use rugs to warm the floor

Floors can get really cold, so one way to keep your feet warm is to lay some wool viscose rugs on the floor.

Have a warm bath

The body heats up on its own after a warm bath. Most houses have a hot water system once you are done taking a wash leave the door open so the hot steam can circulate the house.

Heat from the oven

In your kitchen you can use the oven heat to heat up the house. Once you have done baking leave the oven door open.

Wear proper clothes for the season

Wearing warm clothes during winter can make a lot of difference, even if you have a radiator on you can set it to a lower temperature and layer yourself up with a sweater and cover your feet with socks to keep you warm.

Heat up your bed

Cold bed can be really trouble some to sleep on, you can warm up your bed by placing a hot water bottle for a few minutes. Do this before you get to bed to sleep.

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