4 features of an amazing pre-school

The education arc of a person doesn’t necessarily begin at the pre-school; before that, there are many other ways they learn most fundamental things such as sounds, colors and whatnot. But with the commencement of the pre-school, our children to take the same path that we followed years ago, and probably, following still.

If you are a parent in a country like Malaysia, you should never ever worry about its education system because it is very comprehensive. However, it is important that you choose the best available solution for your child all the way from the beginning.

Here are 4 of the major features of any amazing pre-school.

  • The sheer reputation

You shouldn’t disregard the reputation of the institution just because it is a pre-school; after all, it’s your child’s first proper education and getting them the best possible solution should be your prime objective. In doing so, reputation that these institutions hold matters very much.

  • The classes are not too crowded

The reason why most of the children end up with poor pre education with self-proclaimed big schools is due to the absence of individual attention. After all, how can you expect the teacher to pay attention to one kid, when the person has to deal with 49 others and two more classes? This is why you should go for a nursery in johor or wherever you are, where the classrooms are not overly crowded. Whilst the teacher is being unable to pay attention to your child, he or she will end up learning things that are hard to reverse.

  • The teachers are well qualified and experienced

If you think that literally anyone could teach the children of the pre-school age, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, this is a myth that most of the people believe in various context. Sure, you may know the alphabet but how do you teach it to a person who has absolutely no idea of even learning? This is where the teaching experience and the education related to it comes into play. That’s why you shouldn’t just anyone teach your child.

  • The system provides further education to the child

After the pre-schools comes the primary school, and then the secondary and finally the college or university. In Malaysia, there is a handful of educational chains that allows children to come in as preschoolers and end up as graduates. For a system to be that capable, they should have both resources and have credibility, which they do. So, if you could go for a solution like that, you should consider it.

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