The College Survival Guide

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College is a very tough and demanding environment that requires you to always be on top of your game and function without the help of your family members on several occasions. Even if you’re going to college close to home and you’ve not fully left the nest, there are lots of responsibilities that you take on as a college student that you do not take on as a high school student.

Surviving college is difficult at first and you truly never get used to the rush and the competitiveness of being in college. When it comes to the college level, everybody works hard because they are usually paying tons of money for their education.

If you’re somebody who is having a hard time in college, the tips that we have given below will definitely help you survive throughout the years.

Manage Your Finances

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College is a time when you can easily surrender to debt and even if you have, it is important to manage your debt and manage your finances in a way that your actions do not come back to bite you in the back someday.

Managing your finances is all about finding out what you need to spend on and what you don’t need to be spending your money on. It is important to know the difference as it is very easy to over spend when you’re in college.

We highly recommend looking out for bargains. A bargain could be something as simple as buying clothes from the thrift store or applying for the buyers edge credit cards that comes with no interest on your purchases.

Cut Toxic People

Toxic people are so bad for you. They are like a cancer that slowly and gradually sucks out all of your happiness and joy so we highly recommend cutting these kinds of people out of your life if you have any friends that you would definitely identify as a toxic person.

The truth is, college is not like high school. Even if you didn’t have many friends in high school and you were a bit of a loner, you will definitely find lots of friends in college so don’t be afraid to lose the ones that seem to affect you negatively.

Avoid Freshman Fifteen

The freshman fifteen is definitely real and it happens to most college students who are on their freshman year. It is tough because you get throw into a completely different world where lots of junk food is readily available to you.

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We recommend working out and sticking to a healthy diet.

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