Tips for giving back to the schools, universities and country that made you who you are

If you’re proud and grateful to the school, universities and country you grew up in, and want to give back to it, here are a few of our simple tips and suggestions…

Be the best version of yourself

Truly there is no better way to give back to the community that raised you, than being the very best version of yourself. Do you best not to waste the opportunities you get. Keep your mind and body in its best condition; so you may put it to use in a way your schools and country can be proud of. Be kind to those around you and always take steps to make yourself a better human being that’s useful to the society you live in¾even if it means learning a few new life skills or volunteering once in a while.


Donate to make your schools and universities better

If you’re doing good financially, and you feel you can afford to help out those less fortunate that you, donating a sum of your month’s salary is a great way to reach people. If you want to do so in a way that your school’s or universities current crop benefits, consider donating to your school for supplies or buildings.

Who is to say? You might even get to have a building named after you like MariyamDawood did…!


Make your voice heard when it matters

When it comes to your country, it is vital that you make your voice heard when it matters the most¾and that is during elections. We understand that politics may not be of interest to you; but you still need to play your part in shaping your country’s future. Vote; and make sure those around you do the same. This is one of the best ways you can give back to the country you live in.

Encourage business run by collage mates and local businesses

If you want to give your college juniors a break, and encourage those who studied in your school or college a boost, consider motivating them by investing on their businesses. Most college kids now-a-days have figured out how to use the resources they have at hand, as well as their status as a student, and do pretty well running a business of their own. All they lack is the money. If you’d like to give back to your country in the same way, do your best to buy products only locally made. This might seem like an inconvenience initially; but on the long run, makes a big difference.

Speak positively and realistically of them whenever possible

Speak positively and encouraging of those you want to give back to; but don’t do it in an unrealistic manner. Even those who we admire have faults of their own; and this is especially true when it comes to our country. Instead of brushing those faults under the rug, look for ways to right them¾automatically making a change and giving back to the way you want…

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