What are the facilities available in a serviced office?

When your business is getting bigger and more successful, it is time to find a stable physical workplace to carry out all its functions. When finding a workplace, you might want to consider things like budget, location, accessibility and more. But within the workplace, there are many aspects to focus on. If you are investing in a serviced office, make sure the following facilities are available to make it the most functioning workplace. It would make yours and your employees’ life much easier.

Separate rooms for conferences or meetings.

Any company needs space to conduct meetings, whether it is for internal meetings to discuss budget proposals and team projects or for meetings with clients and outsiders like potential investors. These rooms should be separated ensuring privacy and equipped with all important facilities such as appropriate furniture, technology and many other to carry out effective meetings where the participants won’t be disturbed. Any service office in kl will be able to provide you with such space.


It is irritating to move into an office and hire people to fix internet connections, enable video conference facilities and many other technological installments. A serviced office will already have these installed and you can enjoy it right away after you move in. Make sure that these technological facilities work appropriately, for example, if the internet connection is too slow, then its best to avoid such a place.


The workplace should have kitchen facilities like a coffee machine, a refrigerator, cutlery and kitchen table for employees to have their meals or a snack while at work. This will avoid them from having any food at their workstations which can end up making the workplace messy and also give out a strong odor. It is also the duty of an employer to provide their employees with such basic facilities.


Check security clearance of the space you have chosen. There are many workplace hazards that can occur which can be minimized by proper attention. They must have a fire extinguisher, have cabinets well fitted onto walls, no water leakages especially near electrical appliances and no short circuiting electrical appliances. It is also beneficial if there is security at the entrance of the workplace to prevent any risk of burglary.


Some serviced offices may also provide facilities in terms of human power, for example, like receptionists, assistants, and IT operational agents. They may also provide cleaning staff that regularly cleans the office to keep it neat and organized.

Make sure you find a serviced office with all of the above facilities to enjoy a smooth work life for yourself and your employees.

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