Boost your career pursuing creative arts

When discussing about a career almost all the time the front liners will consist of medical professional, engineer or lawyer. Most adults and even teachers will look down on pursuing a career in creative arts; but for those who love to do things their way, with free time as they please and those who do not want to sit in a drab corporate office every day from 8 am to 5 pm career in this line will be ideal.

Know about nature of the arts

It is not as straightforward as the other careers. Not only regarding the times of work, but also about how the tasks are done. For example, if you are an artist or a graphics designer you won’t always have the right ideas coming to you to make something. What is important to remember is that this is ok. Read about mindfulness and related concepts to clear your mind at times of need; but creative ideas will come to you when you are rested and have an idea about what you are supposed to do rather than having a forced feeling of doing something.

Practice traits

Practice relevant traits. You must learn to see, hear and understand external facts and new ideas, innovations, trends etc. not forgetting customs, practices and much more. You cannot assume you are by yourself or living in a sole space like a bubble. Art needs to connect with public; it should come from the public and be for the public too. Be it you are working for a leading art gallery, designing company or at a film production company in Singapore your imaginative and creative work must reflect on what people can relate to. Even in the olden times we have seen how revolutions and the like were influenced by art and literature.

Limited acceptance and understanding

It is also true that not everyone will appreciate what you do or even understand it. But that is ok. If you need to seek everyone’s approval you will never be able to follow a career of your choice. So be happy when you fail because there will be another opportunity to succeed. If you were a medical doctor your failure might mean someone’s life! But as an artist, video producer, graphics designer or a writer, you don’t have to be responsible for mortal harms as such.

First you need to be confident about the choice you are going or make or made. Once you know what you are doing is right there is nothing or no one who can change what heights you can soar to.

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