Things to remember during exams

Have you ever faced an examination? Of course you have. Examinations are a regular crucial part of anyone’s academic experience. They are a means of assessing the knowledge of a student to see if they are suitable for the next step in their academic career. Thus examinations are generally quite tough and can be the cause of anguish for a student. However the latter does not have to happen if you remember to keep in mind a few things during your examination.

Be calm

This is crucial for an excellent performance in an examination. Examinations are stressful and can take a lot out of a student. Therefore it is normal to feel anxious and stressed while facing an examination. However while this is normal it is not ideal. Feeling stressed and anxious will increase the chances of making mistakes or over looking important parts of questions therefore even if you have prepared for months before your igcse exam or any other major exam, you would still find yourself getting a lower score than what you should have got.

Being calm allows you to think.  It allows you to carefully examine the paper and answer appropriately.  If you find it hard to be calm, always learn a relaxation technique and use it during the examination. An easy relaxation technique is to breathe deeply while counting to ten. This can help you feel calm. However this might not work for everybody so do your research and find a technique that works for you.

Do what is easy first

This is something every teacher and tutor, even your ib chinese tutor hong kong, would recommend you do and it is easy to understand why. If you already know the answer to some questions, you should answer them first so you can be guaranteed of scoring for those questions. Difficult questions will take much longer to answer as you need to think to find the answer for them. If you tackle the questions in the order they are presented, then chances are that you would waste time doing difficult questions that you are unsure of scoring and not being able to complete or answer the questions that are actually easier for you to answer that might appear later in the paper, therefore losing marks that you could have easily gained.

In the end, exams would not be difficult to face if you keep in mind the above and make it a point to be calm and answer the questions you know first.

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