Ways Moms Can Balance Work and Family

Working moms are always in a fix, juggling work and family. Most people believe that working mothers fail to pay attention to their families; however, women have the ability of taking up various responsibilities and fulfilling them equally. If there are people telling you that you are a bad mom and wife, well don’t take it to heart. Here are some tips for you to ensure proper work and family balance.


  1. Let go of the guilt

Negativity is undoubtedly all around you, pointing out how you are not spending enough time with your child which makes you feel extremely guilty. However, that should not be so. Working mothers are actually striving hard to benefit her child’s future. Rather than thinking of the lost time, think of the things you can provide for your child with the extra income; enrolling him in one of the best Montessori pre school Hong Kong or giving him private guitar lessons. You need to balance both, by making tough but good choices and prioritizing your work. You should talk to your partner as well and take turns in spending time with the child. There are online blogs and forums too that other working moms are a part of so you can share your experiences too.

  1. Find quality childcare

You need to take time to sit down and list the potential day care centres, nannies, baby sitters etc. This concerns your child’s safety and care and hence you need to select the best baby playgroup Hong Kong. Take references from your family, friends and colleagues and make it a point to visit them. You can organize for a paid session with the nannies to evaluate how she interacts with kids in a more informal environment. If you are hoping to hire for a long term, check if the nanny can handle children of all ages and daycares that accommodate kids of all ages. Be sure to check if the childcare provider has flexible working hours andextensive experience. A day-care centre should have a low student-teacher ratio, license to operate, outdoor space and experienced staff.

  1. Make the mornings easier

Mornings are a battle field. You need to make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, get dressed for office, drop them off and many more. You need to prepare everything the night before so that you don’t have to pack everything in a rush the next morning and forget stuff. Keep your office outfit ready, plan what to make for breakfast, pack the diaper bag, kids’ backpacks and your purse and place them right near the door so you can pick them up, lock the door get right on the road.



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