Tips and ideas to teachers to keep the classroom interactive

As teacher, I personally know how difficult it is to keep a classroom as interactive as possible. It is almost impossible to have a hundred percent concentration from all the students. Which is why. I have come up with these tips that you may find helpful.

These tips have been decided after various experimenting and trials. Read blow to find out!

Use images

The use of graphical representation in classrooms can be extremely useful catching the attention of the kids. You will need to carefully choose how you will be using the graphics. You can either use charts and illustrations or you can even make use of the computer and projector whilst teaching if you have access to these. It is veryimportant that you always use graphical images that are matching to the subject matter being discussed. You can even have videos played to make things even more interesting.

Have interactive question answer sessions

Having interactive question answer sessions will be very fruitful if you can make the exchange fun. It doesn’t have to exactly textbook related. And the kids don’t have to only be the ones to answer the questions. The kids can be given a time period to question you on the lesson and then you can take a time period to question the kids. You will also need to ensure that the kids are given the opportunity question each other on the subject topic to improve their knowledge.


Boring lessons should be broken down

You will also need to break down lessons that which are generally deemed boring into a minimum of two sessions. This will help in ensuring that you don’t lose the kids half way through the lesson. In a phonics class Singapore kids are taught about how they can pronounce the words properly and improve their reading. This is done in sessions in order to ensure that the kids don’t lose interest along the way. When the lessons are boring practical sessions can come in handy. For instance, experiments can be a useful tool here.



Finally, in conclusion the kids need to be given enough breaks if the lessons are too complicated and they should also be given enough time to complete their writing down of notes. You should also try to talk about the ids lives and what they find interesting as well. This will make the kids be more interested in their lessons and more importantly study whilst they enjoy! Always keep in mind that how interactive the lesson is depends on the teachers ability alone!

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